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Let’s be ready for your big move! Preparing your property for sale is imperative to achieve the best outcome. Seek advice from your lender so you are clear on your financial position eg. Loan payout sum. If you are looking to buy a new property you will also want your preapproval in place and know your financial position. These are all vital questions to your lender.

Consideration needs to include the following: What will the buyers want? Who is your target market? Is it worth the outlay of upgrading your home to create a better return? What improvements are important?

Let’s make a plan together to

Achieve your goals


Less is best. Buyers want to see the space and size of rooms to ascertain if their family will have enough space. In photos too many items can make rooms look very crowded. Many different colours become overwhelming when a person is scanning through photos in a short time.

Buyers don’t want to take on work. If we consider our mortgage is our biggest expense in our lives. Quite often there aren’t funds left over to spend more money on homes after purchasing. Buyers want to feel they can bring their furniture, suitcase and move in.

We can obtain painters, cleaners, gardeners, electricians, plumbers, roofers, fencers, painters, stylists and many other tradespeople you may need to prepare for sale. Styling a property for sale is the best presentation of a home. If you are living in your sale property, we will work together to maximize your image.


People like to live close to their friends and relatives, they often walk past your home. Be street ready, your garden is your first visual for buyers. Prospective purchasers will often drive past a home to see the street, local shops and schools and most importantly if your house will be added to their wish list.


Our initial meeting together will present market reports of properties currently on the market and recent comparable sales. This provides the information on the value of your home. Remember, it is quite often the local area that people desire due to quality of schools, transport, shopping and facilities. Now we have our price for marketing.


Professional photography is the buyers’ eye. Photographs need to show every asset of your home, not your belongings. Their first impression and interest all start with the first photo. We need to capture their attention. Video is the new normal in advertising property. A short one-minute video makes the buyer feel they are at the property. The object of your advertising is to make the buyer want more and request to see your home. A floorplan is also included in the advertising, buyers want to see the layout. We are creating an image that will suit all buyers, from first time buyers in their 20’s to singles, couples, families and downsizers. We want to create a feel that will attract all groups to purchase your property.


We now have your photos ready and written description ready to advertise your property. Time to load your property onto and our website and also have Facebook marketing ready to go simultaneously. We also send to our database and people we know are looking in your area. Flyers are also put into letterboxes in your local area with the Just Listed profile. Your neighbours may have family or friends wanting to move into the area and they can promote the property because of all the reasons they live here.


The first open time is added to the listing so buyers know when to view. The first 30 days of marketing are your strongest time to achieve a sale. The home appears as a premiere listing and is at the top of searches in the area. The first open is the most exciting day, we want to capture every buyer in the area and capitalise on numbers. The first open is for 45 minutes and we record details of every attendee. Following up with all viewers is vital! A buyer may view 6 properties in one day, we need them to remember your home. Staying in contact with the prospective buyer and inviting them for a second viewing, provides personal service and information giving. Be available, we will offer buyers a chance to see your home at their convenience.


We will let you know the outcome of every open inspection the same day! You will receive a report every week detailing all views of the property, amount of interest, numbers at opens and feedback from potential buyers. You want to know buyer reactions, price discussions and ongoing interest.


As soon as an offer is received, we let you know. Our discussion will entail, the amount of offer, conditions of sale, for example is the offer subject to finance, subject to selling of a home, do they have preapproval or is it a cash sale. How many days to settlement? This is how you decide whether to accept an offer, refuse an offer or counter offer. You don’t have to accept an offer, this is up to you and we will guide you through the decision making.


An offer is not a contract! Until a contract is fully executed and signed by all parties it is not binding. Once the contract is signed by all parties, no other offers may be accepted. We now send the contract to the conveyancers for settlement. We ensure dates for finance, building inspections and any other conditions are adhered to. Your conveyancer will also prepare The Form 1. This is the vendors statement and all history of the property including any building approvals, council rates and more. The form 1 is served to the purchaser and this commences the cooling off period of 2 clear business days. Once cooling off is completed we can then ask for the deposit.


It is now settlement day, we have reached our goal! The conveyancers will book in the settlement at the Lands Title Office and notify you a couple of days prior to settlement of the date. On settlement day the call will come from the conveyancer to say the property has settled. The conveyancer arranges settlement of funds for the sale. We will call you and come to meet you for the final handover of keys.

Congratulations on your Savvy sale

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