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Your investor profile is usually along this theme. You have a great job/career, you are busy all day, you are creating an investment portfolio for future capital gain and you don’t want to be interrupted during business hours. We understand and appreciate your valuable time. We want you to select a preferred communication method and times that suit you. Our owner portal provides 24/7 access, you decide when to view your documents.

From the day we receive the keys to your new property or take over the SAVVY management of a current investment, we will responsibly act on your behalf. Ensure rent is paid on time and take necessary steps to address any rent arrears. Routine inspections are comprehensive, with photos and include the whole property, from the letterbox to the back fence.

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We meet with you, talk about your expectations and your plan for the future of the property. We provide information on rental income and can make any suggestions that may improve the property to make it more desirable. Most landlords that are renting for the first time are anxious and concerned about the home being looked after.

We are firm in ensuring your home is tenanted by the best possible tenant and someone that will care for your home. Tenants like where they live so are prepared to pay good rent for a great home.

We have 15 years combined experience. You will only deal with us. From the very first meeting you know we have the ability and skill to successfully manage your property. We work together on every property.

Understanding the market supply and demand in each area is key. We use our practical experience, research and our current rentals to ascertain the price your home is worth to lease. This is determined by the quantity of properties available, the location and the property attributes. While there may be many 3-bedroom homes in an area for example, it is our job to make yours stand apart.

Good quality photos and responding to enquires efficiently means properties are leased quickly. You are also given a Comparative Market Analysis which presents properties currently for lease and recently leased.

Our electronic application systems, provides the tenant with an easy-to-use application. This includes uploading of all documents, eg pay slips and also sends an automated reference request to their current agent. We are sensible in our approach and match tenants to properties that will suit their needs. For example, if a young family applied for a 2-storey property with a spiral staircase, this wouldn’t be the best home for young children. We check the financial capacity to pay the rent and rely on good references.

Meeting prospective tenants in person gives us the opportunity to guide us on the suitability for their needs. We want to know if they can manage gardening or their lifestyle will be too busy and they may be more suited to a townhouse or apartment. We send you a summary of applications that we know will suit your home and make the final decision together.

Yes, we can pay your bills via your rental account. This is included in our service at no cost to you. Which provides a very tidy End of Year Statement for your accounting at the end of the financial year. We can pay, Council Rates, Building Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Water Accounts, Strata Fees, Emergency Services Levy, Pest Control and invoices associated with the home. The bills are redirected to Savvy for payment.

Our initial entry condition report is completed with hundreds of colour photos to capture every part of a home, inside and out, including model numbers of all appliances, air conditioners etc. Once a property is leased, we do our first inspection after the first month of tenancy. This is an ideal time to discuss any issues the tenants may be having and also to provide you with your first report. After this time the home will be inspected every 4 months. If we aren’t satisfied with the presentation, we issue a breach notice to the tenant.

This will state the reason and how to rectify, we then reinspect after 14 days. So often, with other companies, we find the biggest issues are the relationship with the tenant and the property manager and clear communication! Our sign-up procedure and handover to the tenant is done at the house, this gives us time to go through the property together and explain how everything works and our expectations.

Yes, you absolutely can! At Savvy we do both Sales and Rentals and we can easily transition your property to the sale market. Remember, there are always investors seeking new homes with a tenant in place for instant income. We can also advise and assist you in any upgrades you may want to make. Our list of quality tradespeople can quote in advance.

This allows you to budget for any spending. Planning ahead is best and knowing your future plan will assist us in managing your investment correctly. We would contact our database of buyers looking to purchase property.

You can be guaranteed that I will always be here for you. Property management companies burn through their staff quickly and there is nothing landlords hate more than not knowing who is looking after their property! At the outset I was determined to stand apart from the norm. I enjoy property management and am an excellent negotiator. I find in all scenarios there is a win/win available for all parties. I understand building and maintenance issues.

You don’t buy an investment to have all the rent spent each month. We set up plans with owners and have a common-sense approach. We communicate with you and provide updates about your area. We can recommend ways to improve the return on your rental and are fully knowledgeable in what tenants want to stay in a property. Most of all, my clients are long term, some of these I have known for 10 years, they are my best recommendation.

First of all, check your management agreement, check if you are in a fixed term contract or a general agency agreement. This will guide you to the next step. See how much notice you need to give to end the management. Once these dates are sorted, we can do the rest for you. We send an email to your current agent and request the file and keys and documents on the decided date.

We can then pick up the file and introduce ourselves to the tenant. So easy on your part, no stress at all. With all new properties we inspect as soon as possible.

If you are having any difficulties with a current tenancy we are here to assist and resolve. Quite often with managing your property yourself it becomes emotionally charged! An owner may select to manage their own investments and it is all good until it goes wrong.

Once we step in as a professional agent we work for your property. Knowing the Residential Tenancies Act and not being emotionally involved, we are the voice of reason. Your property management fees are tax deductible, so why do it yourself? You do your career and I’ll do mine for you.

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