Savvy Case Study with a great outcome

What we started with

SAVVY took over a tenancy that had issues with the tenant being constantly in arrears. The property wasn’t being maintained to an acceptable standard and the previous agent had not been doing regular inspections.

Further to this, the home was deteriorating and needed work to maintain market value and be a positive asset for the owner. Simple maintenance had not been actioned:

  1. Weeds were growing in the gutters
  2. Garden beds with no mulch
  3. Silicone missing in bathroom wet areas

What we did to improve the situation

These items all were simple to repair.
However the previous agent did not care.

The whole process took 14 days from start to finish and it wasn’t hard at all

Bonus: we signed the lease for a further 12 months and a substantial per week increase.
Now we have a happy landlord and a tenant that accepts our savvy standard.

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